4 Spiritual Positions

What is your spiriutal position in relation to God?

Which group do you most desire to live Jesus’ mission with?


Alan Hirsch on Messio Dei at Exponential

Alan HirschIf mission is subservient to ecclessiology then we are forced to ask, how do I live the mission? Instead the church is subservient to God’s mission.

It’s not that the church has mission; it is that the mission has a church.

Mission is something that God does and we join him in

“God is involved in every person, calling them to himself, in and through Jesus Christ.” Wesley.

God is not stuck in church. He is not stuck only in the holy.

“Mission is to be the organizing factor of the church. Mission is not to be insider work – among believers. The problem is that the church organizes around ministry (programs) – not mission. This causes us to have to run a show, instead of running with people to need to know Jesus. Mission is to be outsider work – focusing on those outside of the church.” – Alan Hirsch

If ministry is your organizing principle, then you will probably not do mission. If your church is organized around mission, then the church will become fluid in it’s expression (ministry). The church must be defined by mission not by ministry.

Mission is never to be a sub-committee

Functions / Definition of the church:

  • Mission
  • Transformed – Discipleship
  • Worship – “offering our will back to God”

What about the sacraments?

Communion is not to be a religious practice – it is to be a part of lives over a meal. It flows out of the mission of Jesus for the mission of Jesus. The poor need to be embraced through hospitality into the communion that happens in our homes – a meal of grace to the poor for Jesus’ mission.


Alan Hirsch on The Missional Magnet at Exponential

Alan HirschChurch planters … “if you are not pissing religious people off, there is something wrong with you.” – Alan Kirsch – to understand why Alan said this…read on.

The heart of church movements is Christology.

The persecuted church is a is void of religious leadership and become led by the Holy Spirit who leads them to the simplicity of truth – Jesus is my Lord.

Persecution forces Christians to recognize their central identity – Jesus is my Lord – which launches God’s mission because He then becomes the one who leads the church decapitated of religious rulers.

How bad would you become if you only became more like Jesus?

Recognizing that Jesus is Lord is not sufficient in and of itself to launch and exponential movement of church.

If we get the basic idea of God wrong, then we are worse off than atheists.

The moment a movement become institutionalized it dies. For example: the Jesus movement.

What is good about the Pharisees

  • Disciplined
  • Love God
  • Great Zeal
  • Committed to Prayer
  • Loved the Torah (Bible) – defined authority of scripture
  • High view of God
  • Decent people
  • Custodians of the history of Israel
  • Tithed

Who is this today? It is us!!!! It is the church today!!!!

But remember it is the Pharisees that put Jesus on the cross.

Jesus was a Pharisees, but he inhabited the scriptures differently.

If Jesus showed up in the church again today, we would probably kill him. Jesus had his harshish words for the religious.

We must recalibrate back to Jesus!!!! Jesus must become central to the church again.

The church should never proceed Jesus mission – if it does then Jesus’ mission becomes a program. The church must flow from Jesus’ mission.

Church planters … “if you are not pissing religious people off, there is something wrong with you.” – Alan Kirsch

If the church comes before Jesus mission, then we have put Jesus in a box.

Alan Kirsch is a true revolutionary. Man I love this guy!

We (the church) are always subservient to the Kingdom and authority of God. Thus, the church is not the Kingdom of God.

Decentralize form from function to keep Jesus centralized in the church. This demands the release of power.

The essentials of church:

  • Mission
  • Worship
  • Discipleship

When we say Jesus is Lord, it means he gets dibs on everything.

Authenticate Jesus

I was hovering around the water fountain, after my trail run this morning, when an older gentleman and two younger boy’s road in from the mountain bike trails. I observed, as they filled up their water bottles and soaked their faces. My observations became a conviction that had to be spoken. Looking the older man in the eyes, I affirmed, “It’s good to see you out with these two young men. I don’t know if you are their dad or not, but there aren’t too many men that will invest in younger men the way you are.” It turns out, this guy has been mountain biking with these kids every week this summer. What an awesome investment of one’s life! He went on to say that this is exactly what his pastor spoke about this last Sunday – authenticating Jesus. After taking a final sip of water and walking away from the fountain, I turned and said, “There is a huge spiritual lesson in your coming back to the water for refreshment after your ride. Drive that one home with these young men.” He called back, as I walked away, “You must be a preacher.” I grinned, “Maybe.”

Be a Disciple; NOT a christian – part 3

In considering the gospel stories and our Rabbi’s teachings… What does it mean to be a disciple?

You may want to discuss this question with your own friends (the discussion may inspire them to grow as a disciple of Jesus too).

Here is the list that our class discussion developed…

To follow Jesus
To be completely devoted to Jesus
To take risks for Jesus
To sacrifice for Jesus
To share the good news of Jesus
To serve others as Jesus would
To stand for what is right as Jesus would
To have faith in Jesus
To include Jesus in all of life
To trust Jesus
To imitate Jesus

I love the last one. To IMITATE Jesus. Disciples imitate Jesus.

Just as we often mimic the traits of people we like or who inspire us. Disciples mimic Jesus. They long to know Jesus so deeply and spend so much time with Him that His life begins to rub off on them. Disciples act like Jesus. Disciples think like Jesus. Disciples love like Jesus. Disciples obey like Jesus. Disciples pray like Jesus. Disciples sacrifice like Jesus. Disciples serve like Jesus. Disciples trust like Jesus. Disciples talk like Jesus. Disciples make disciples like Jesus.

What does it mean to …
Make Disciples
…like Jesus?

Begin answering this question and we begin growing as disciples of Jesus. Presuming, we let the information become “in” “formation” that permeates our actions.

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