Running With The Wind

RunRunning with the wind is never linear. It twists and turns. It rises and falls. It accelerates and de-accelerates. To run like the wind, we must run with the wind. Running against the wind, may get us where we want to go, but not necessarily to the correct destination. And upon arrival, we are tired… fatigued.

The Spirit of God is like the wind. And yet, we try to corral His power. We seek to control his twists and turns, his rising and falling, his speeding up and slowing down. And though our desires may be pure, they are still our desires. We ask God to bless what we are doing. Instead of discovering what He is doing and running with the wind.

When was the last time anyone you know listed the steps of your churches spiritual transformation strategy as their pathway for spiritual growth? Do you know anyone who ever listed class 101, 201, 301 and 401 as the process of their growth with Christ? Or how about the individual who lists the front porch, foyer, living room, and kitchen as their journey to spiritual awakening? Or how about the “Six S’s”? Or the “Five C’s”?

If people came in one shape, one size, one personality, one gift-mix, one economic package, one IQ, then a prescribed spiritual growth track might work. But it would also possess the qualities of boring and mundane. As would all facets of life.

Jesus’ model of spiritual growth is much more random. Much less strategic. Far more simple. A farmer went out to sow his seed. Some fell on good soil. Some on rocky soil. Some on a path. And others among the thorns. The seed fell where it was thrown and where the wind carried it. The only intentionality in the story is the farmer going out to sow seed.

We never again need to sit at a table with men and women delicately scripting a spiritual growth plan for others. Instead, let’s labor to create healthy environments where people can heal and thrive. Environments that are intentional, yet random. Environments that are simple, yet profound. Environments that are unscripted by man, yet directed by God. Environments that encourage people to run with wind.

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