Why start a Community Based Organization while or before starting a new church?

Why start a Community Based Organization?

1) God is a sending God – He sent Jesus to restore us – and Jesus sends us to restore the world
2) It is time for the church to leave the building to share God’s love intangible ways in the larger community
3) It gives the church credibility in a skeptical world
4) It expands the churches relational network into government, business, and social sectors to have spiritual influence into all aspects of the community
5) It provides opportunity for the church to empower the church community to engage their community
6) It provides new opportunities for the church to lives Jesus in the community


5 Responses

  1. How can one register a community based organisation

    • David,

      Great question. I just replied to you in an email.


    • have for many years lived with the burden of helping the most poor, until recently i thought of starting a CBO in my area. i personally dont have money to approach this… how can i start, please advise me.

      • Geoffrey – this is a great question. It doesn’t take money to get going with a CBO. It takes time. The book Rapid Community Assessment by David Mills http://compassionbydesign.org/?page_id=788 will give you a simple 5 step approach to doing a Community Needs Assessment which is the first step in launching a CBO.

  2. I am now a cor founder of Legacy giving aftercare and mentoring centre. Because I realised that God have sent me in this world to help other people. LEGACY GIVING IS NOW MY LIFE. WE ARE BORN FOR CHANGES.

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