It Keeps Coming!

Here is another amazing story of God speaking into people’s lives through Restore.

Last week, I attended a Celebrate Recovery meeting and met a woman who’s hurting emotionally, financially and mentally. Her husband walked out on her without notice. She came home to see a moving truck sitting in the driveway and the next day it was gone and so were all the things in the house. She came home to a completely empty house. Shortly afterward, she lost her house, her job and her everything she and her kids have grown accustomed to through the years. To make matter worst, she found out the day before that her husband’s involved with another person and the new gf is wearing and using things that belonged to her and her husband refused to give it back to her. Apparently he packed up everything in the house – including her clothes with him when he left.

While she was sharing, I felt the Spirit prompting me to to give her the debit card and a lil something extra from my purse. I recently went to the bank to withdrew some money to pay my bills and told myself that the money’s been called for, however, I felt a strong nudge of the Holi spirit to jsut do it and not worry about how I am going to make up the difference if I give it to her. So I took out some of the money and wrapped it around the debit card and “secretely handed to her and quietly whispered in her ears ” This is a little gift from my new church called Restore CC in Sterling and a lil blessing from God.” Upon recvg it, and without seeing how much it was, she started to cry and hugged me as if her life was dependent on it. She said ” Oh my Gosh! I can’t believe this. I don’t even have a penny left to my name and prior to coming her I was thinking I shouldn’t have come because I don’t have enough gas in my car to make it home if I went but you have changed all that. I can’t believe how good God is and what a blessing it is that he’s blessed you in my life. You have really made my day I can’t thank you enough.” I told her it’s all God’s doing, I had nothing to do with it. I am only doing what God asked me to do and is to be a blessing to you today. =0)

But, the most amazing this is not what God did for that woman that day, it’s what followed that blows my mind…Well, the day after I gave my money away, I got an email from a dear friend of mine telling me that a substantial amount of money was deposited into my account because my friend knew that I was still unemployed and could not afford to pay for repairs on a my car that my sponsor has given me over the summer. I was hoping to fix it up so my son will have a car to drive to college this fall. I rcvd enough money to pay for the repairs and a little extra left over for registration and insurance for him.

From this experience, I have learned so much about the God I serve and I am able to better see how awesome He is and feel how much he does love me and that He is a Keeper of promises – and most of all, I am able to see how true Jeremiah 29:11 is – which states “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

I hope you will this testimony will inspire you and encourage you to do what God has called you to do in the NOVA area and to let you know how you and your vision of spreading God’s love and generosity has touched and transformed so many lives – mine included. I and my family have been so sincerely blessed by you and Restore these past months and I look forward to being a part of Restore family for years to come. I pray that God will continue to give you His special annointings, wisdom and protection and to bless you and your family abundantly as you are carrying out His will in your life.

God is good! ALL the Time!


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