Generosity Turns Heads

This is from one of our team members who helped deliver 110 holiday meals to families in need.

I was given the opportunity and pure honor to be able to help deliver over 110 meals to needy families in my neighborhood last weekend. I’m not saying that to be boastful, other than to be able to take pride in knowing I helped to truly make a difference in other people’s lives. My neighbor’s lives. When the food was delivered, people were honestly grateful. To see on their faces the sheer relief, the pure happiness, and the weight lift from their shoulders is something you never forget. One man thought I was kidding when I stopped at his house. “That’s for me? Are you sure?” One mom gave us a thank-you card, written in broken English. It was incredibly sweet, honest, and from the heart. It was real.

I delivered meals in my neighborhood with my son. People were amazing. Some were completely shocked I didn’t want anything in return. Others didn’t want to food for themselves-they immediately asked if they could pass it on to a friend they knew in greater need. Kids were even happy to receive the food, understanding even in their innocence what a gift it was. One gentleman who lives down the street from us was walking up to his door. Zach looked at him funny, because he was smoking and looked young. He looked like maybe a senior in high school or just college age. I called out to him.

“Hey! Would you like a free Thanksgiving dinner for you and your family?”
“What? Why?”
“No reason-my church is giving meals away. It’s a whole Thanksgiving meal, enough for 8 people or so. You interested?”
“Yo, yes!” “Do I have to pay?”
“No, man, it’s on us. Just enjoy the food.”
“Wow, thanks so much. This will make my mom so happy!”

He ran inside with the box like it was Christmas morning.

His homies were watching from a car, waiting for him to come back outside. As he got in the car, I overhead one of them say, “Dude, that was so cool. I can’t believe she just gave that to you, dog.”

Zach and I continued through the neighborhood, knocking on every door, anxious to give the boxes away. It was Saturday afternoon, so a lot of people weren’t home. Zach was getting frustrated. “Man, you can’t give away food in this neighborhood! Where is everybody?”

Another man came to the door. I could tell he had been drinking. That didn’t bother me. What bothered me was that he had on an old undershirt full of stains and holes. His pants were the same way-old, worn, and full of holes and rips. I wasn’t sure if this was his usual attire or if I just caught him on a day when he was working around the house or something. His house wasn’t too badly dilapidated, but needed some work. He’s an older gentleman, and I was wondering if he couldn’t do labor-type work any longer. It still made me sad. He couldn’t believe he didn’t have to pay for the food. His eyes lit up like he hadn’t received anything in a very long time. I was glad to surprise him and make his day.

As we were finishing up and heading back down the block towards our house, Zach said, “Mom, that was so cool. Do you have anymore boxes? We have a ton more neighbors.” He was actually disappointed when I told him we had given away all I had.

Generosity is cool. Very cool.


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