A Buddhist’s Journey

Restore Community Church in partnership with the Great Falls Optimist Club and Enrich NOVA delivered 110 holiday meals to families in need. Check out this email message coming from a Restore couple who helped serve. John grew up Buddhist and is still a pre-Christian.

“Thank you for giving John and I an opportunity to serve. John really enjoyed the experience and he said ” Now, I see how Christians share God’s love with one another and it made me realize that’s the different between Christianity and Buddhism.  When I was in VN, the Buddhist monks did not do such things to help the needy and the disadvantage, instead, they waited for others to serve them by bring their offerings to the temple. All they did was to pray over people and intercede between the evil curses on people by chanting certain spells/chants. Other than that, they don’t reach out to the people or educate the children about the God they worship.”

“What an amazing experience for John to see God! Praise God!”

“Again, thank you for being such a blessing in our lives!”

This is just one story of God’s leading people to forgiveness and grace as pre-Christians and Christians serve together.


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