The Canvas Revealed

Paint PalletThere comes a time in the pursuit of every dream that all that can be done has been done. A point in time that the outcome is pre-determined before it is realized. A point in time that the painted canvas is complete, but not yet revealed.

At this point, the outcome can no longer be controlled, manipulated, or improved. It will be what it will be. For the leader only a couple questions matter… “Was I obedient to God’s leadership? Did I fully and faithfully steward the time, money, resources, and people God provided to accomplish His vision?” Freedom comes through faithfulness. At this point, the outcome is determined by God. For the canvas was painted by God and His servant provided the paint.

In four days, the image of Jesus’ bride the church will be revealed. She will be beautiful. God formed her. And gave her life. God grows His church – not me. I have been obedient and faithful. But the outcome of my labor is not my responsibility, it is God’s. I now sit back, having done all I can do and wait in exciting anticipation for God to reveal the work of His hands. The canvas is painted in heaven and in a few days will be revealed on earth.

Restore’s Beginning

Family Picture b and w 100People are asking how Restore got started. Here is part of the story…

My family and I moved to Northern Virginia (NOVA) in January 2008. We took 6 months to determine to best community in NOVA for establishing a new non-profit organization and church. We we’re looking for one of the youngest family communities in NOVA, with balanced economic and multi-ethnic diversity.

We moved to Sterling in September of 2008 and began an intensive community needs assessment. Through this process, I personally interviewed and established relationships with over 50 influential leaders in Loudoun County and the Sterling area. These interviews were extremely informative in identifying the greatest assets and liabilities of the Sterling area. We also worked with teams of volunteers to run surveys in Sterling. From the community needs assessment, we determined that our best niche in the community was to start a non-profit to serve as a conduit of communication between other non-profits and NOVA residents who want to unleash their generosity. To read about our non-profit – Enrich NOVA::Generosity Can go to Enrich NOVA::Generosity Can established in February 2009 and it’s impact is continuing to expand.

In March 2009, I re-focused my attention on starting Restore Community Church out of the relationships I was establishing in the community through the non-profit. The reason I took this approach to starting a new church is because I deeply believe it is time for the church to leave the building and become actively involved in sharing God’s extravagant love in the community. To ensure that Restore is never defined by the religiosity that comes with Sunday morning church services, I started the church through serving the community and unleashing generosity to a community in need. Restore is a church that steps beyond shallow religion and spirituality to pursue authentic relationships with God and others. If we really love God, then we will love people, because God loves people. And this love will be expressed my meeting people’s needs in practical ways.

I guess it would be fair to say that I became the pastor of Restore the moment I began establishing relationships in Sterling and sharing with others God’s extravagant love.

Extreme Generosity

Restore is giving away several thousand dollars in pre-loaded Restore Community Church debit cards to people in the community on October 17th and 25th. The purpose of these cards is to inspire and empower you to unleash generosity on families who are in need. The cards are in the amounts of $20, $50, and $100.

When you receive one of these cards, 1) add whatever dollar amount you can to the gift you have been given, 2) identify a family in need, 3) meet their need by unleashing your generosity, 4) share your story.

Share your story at .

In Restore, Generosity is a Way of Life. Be part of the story as you share God’s Extreme Generosity.