The Real Missional

missionalsWhat does it really mean to be missional?

Jake Nelson of Response Church in Indy reclaims to heart of missional. The following excerpt is from his May 13, 2009 post at

In my thought process…, missional church means being completely irresponsible.  It means valuing the kingdom over the local church.  It means investing continually in those who won’t meet your 15 bucks a head offering ratio.  It means going for broke as the woman in Bible did by placing her last two coins in the offering.  Missional means declaring the name of Jesus not my congregation.  It means addressing REAL issues like poverty, abuse, hopelessness, and reconciliation.  It plays itself out by mentoring, instilling hope, and most importantly, introducing people to a Jesus that sees value in what the world views as worthless. 

A bottle of water or a free cup of coffee is easy.  It’s a good place to start, but not necessarily redemptive. 

Missional means being bold.  It means being messy.  In its very nature, its goal is to accomplish a “mission.” 

I wonder if some people have forgotten how to dream big, attack huge issues in reckless abandon, depending on God’s power and vision all along the way.  Many use “we can’t” as an excuse to not try rather than a reminder that GOD CAN!  It’s a long, tough and oftentimes treacherous road.  One that I probably haven’t even seen a glimpse of the whole picture.  It’s rewards look different than we are used to.  Missional requires us to let go of ourselves and see everyone else as better.  But it sure is amazing when embraced. 

Dream big. Be irresponsible. See the mission through. See the world change.


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