What a RUSH!

The last several months have been a rush of activity mixed with new relationships and strategic partnerships for both Enrich NOVA and Restore Community Church.

  • In April, Generosity Can, a community needs initiative of Enrich NOVA, delivered 550 pounds of breakfast foods, juices, and other non-perishable items to Loudoun Interfaith Relief. This food will be added to the pantry and serve over 55 people 3 meals a day for 3 days. We were excited to receive a shout out from the Loudoun Times Mirror. During the months of May and June, Generosity Can, will be partnering together with community residents, businesses and Dominion High School to collect a variety of resources for The Good Shepherd Alliance.


  • For months, a pre-Christian friend had been sharing with Ron his desire to start a business. Six weeks ago, Ron engaged in a weekly, one hour, coaching relationship with this friend to help him start a new company. Gary and his wife Krista have opened up to our family about the difficulties that have affected their family in the last 12 months and the light that they now see as a result of Ron helping them. During these coaching times, Ron has been able to share with Gary and Krista that the things that are happening are a result of this new church and the generosity of others.


  • In the last five weeks, we have begun meeting regularly with families and individuals who are committed to seeing Restore Community Church make an impact in Sterling. We share weekly in a meal, examination of scripture, the way we see God at work around us, prayer, and community service. As a family, we have come to cherish these times and are excited about the work that God is doing in Sterling.

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