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The Loudoun County Times-Mirror has written a great article on what we are doing.

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Spreading generosity in Sterling

People and Community
By Elizabeth Coe
Source: Loudoun Times-Mirror

In classrooms around Dominion High School, students are filling trash cans with breakfast foods that will be delivered to Loudoun Interfaith Relief April 25.

The 104 trash cans at the school are part of Generosity Can, an initiative launched in February by Sterling resident Ron Klabunde, founder of the nonprofit organization Enrich NOVA.

“The whole purpose is to increase generosity throughout Sterling and the surrounding area,” Klabunde said. “We’re working to move resources from families, schools and businesses to nonprofits who have needs for those resources.”

A total of 130 trash cans have been placed at businesses, homes and at Dominion, thanks to a $1,000 donation from a Sterling resident. Each will be filled with donations for Loudoun Interfaith Relief through April 25.

Every six weeks, Generosity Can partners with a different local, nonprofit organization, providing residents, businesses, schools, clubs, churches and government offices the opportunity to fill their trash cans with goods for those in need.

Klabunde, who moved with his family to Sterling in 2008, said he chose to launch this initiative now partly because of the hard economic times, but also because he wanted to give people an outlet to be able to help others.

“There was a disconnect between people who want to serve and make a difference and getting them in touch with the nonprofits,” he said. “We’re trying to fill that gap. With a trash can, it almost feels like the antithesis, but we’re reclaiming the trash can as a symbol of hope.”

Klabunde said even in his own home, he can see how the trash can has changed the way his children feel about giving to others.

“Once a week [my kids] run around the house, find a toy they don’t play with anymore and they bring it to the can to give it to someone who needs it,” he said. “What’s cool is that I’m not prompting that. That’s the beauty of it. There is now a symbol of generosity in the home throughout the year, which reminds people.”

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Helping a Single Mom

momBeing a single mom is difficult enough. Add to it a toxic living environment and now there is crisis.

On Saturday, a caring team of people from Restore Community Church and Enrich NOVA joined together to physically move Mary – a single mom in crisis to a place of peace in a new apartment.

This is what it means to be the church and live God’s love.

The next day, she and her daughter joined us at church and then to one of our launch team member’s homes for lunch.

Here is what Mary wrote about this expression of love…

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for all of your help with Olivia and my move. I am very grateful that you took time from all of your busy schedules to facilitate us in our need for support. You all worked so hard and we so very much appreciate  the amazing job you  did. You have all helped us to restore our  lives to a peaceful, loving, and warm home that will serve as a refuge  to grow in faith and love. Please understand that I am overwhelmed in my heart  and my spirit is uplifted with all you all have done under such difficult times with this situation. Again Thank you all so very much.

The Real Missional

missionalsWhat does it really mean to be missional?

Jake Nelson of Response Church in Indy reclaims to heart of missional. The following excerpt is from his May 13, 2009 post at

In my thought process…, missional church means being completely irresponsible.  It means valuing the kingdom over the local church.  It means investing continually in those who won’t meet your 15 bucks a head offering ratio.  It means going for broke as the woman in Bible did by placing her last two coins in the offering.  Missional means declaring the name of Jesus not my congregation.  It means addressing REAL issues like poverty, abuse, hopelessness, and reconciliation.  It plays itself out by mentoring, instilling hope, and most importantly, introducing people to a Jesus that sees value in what the world views as worthless. 

A bottle of water or a free cup of coffee is easy.  It’s a good place to start, but not necessarily redemptive. 

Missional means being bold.  It means being messy.  In its very nature, its goal is to accomplish a “mission.” 

I wonder if some people have forgotten how to dream big, attack huge issues in reckless abandon, depending on God’s power and vision all along the way.  Many use “we can’t” as an excuse to not try rather than a reminder that GOD CAN!  It’s a long, tough and oftentimes treacherous road.  One that I probably haven’t even seen a glimpse of the whole picture.  It’s rewards look different than we are used to.  Missional requires us to let go of ourselves and see everyone else as better.  But it sure is amazing when embraced. 

Dream big. Be irresponsible. See the mission through. See the world change.

God’s Blessing!

Doug Foltz – a good friend and Restore’s project manager published this post on his blog in regards to the generosity that Group Imaging and Church Marketing Solutions lavished on Restore Community Church in a combined gift of over $13,500.

Ron Klabunde, a church planter I’m working with from Sterling, VA, had his own motto released on him today. Ron is starting Restore Community Church with services starting in September 2009. Every year Group Imaging, prints several banners to bring to Exponential for their booth. This year they decided to unleash generosity by printing the banners for a church planter that could be used after the conference in a real life church plant. Restore was blessed to be that plant. Group Imaging donated nearly $10,000 in signs, banners, a door mat, 2 video screens, a stage backdrop, tableclothes, etc. But great banners need great design. That’s when Church Marketing Solutions decided to step in a unleash even more generosity. They donate $3500 worth of design for all the signs and banners. Together these two companies have greatly blessed a new church. A big thanks to Group Imaging and Church Marketing Solutions for generously blessing Restore Christian Church. Here’s some pics of their great work.

Church Marketing Solutions (Patrick) – thank you for donating over $3500 of graphic design to Restore Community Church. I love working with your team. I appreciate what you have done to capture our values and message in your work. Your gift is empowering us to unleash even greater generosity in Northern Virginia to those who are far from God.

Group Imaging (Jeff) – thank you for donating over $10,000 of specialized directional signs, banner, table cloths, floor mats, and projection screens to Restore Community Church. Your gift is empowering us to unleash even greater generosity in Northern Virginia to those who are far from God. Your team is great to work with. And I appreciate your commitment to excellence.

If you are a business owner, church planter, or ministry leader, I strongly encourage you to work with Church Marketing Solutions and Group Imaging to meet you graphic design and printing needs.

What a RUSH!

The last several months have been a rush of activity mixed with new relationships and strategic partnerships for both Enrich NOVA and Restore Community Church.

  • In April, Generosity Can, a community needs initiative of Enrich NOVA, delivered 550 pounds of breakfast foods, juices, and other non-perishable items to Loudoun Interfaith Relief. This food will be added to the pantry and serve over 55 people 3 meals a day for 3 days. We were excited to receive a shout out from the Loudoun Times Mirror. During the months of May and June, Generosity Can, will be partnering together with community residents, businesses and Dominion High School to collect a variety of resources for The Good Shepherd Alliance.


  • For months, a pre-Christian friend had been sharing with Ron his desire to start a business. Six weeks ago, Ron engaged in a weekly, one hour, coaching relationship with this friend to help him start a new company. Gary and his wife Krista have opened up to our family about the difficulties that have affected their family in the last 12 months and the light that they now see as a result of Ron helping them. During these coaching times, Ron has been able to share with Gary and Krista that the things that are happening are a result of this new church and the generosity of others.


  • In the last five weeks, we have begun meeting regularly with families and individuals who are committed to seeing Restore Community Church make an impact in Sterling. We share weekly in a meal, examination of scripture, the way we see God at work around us, prayer, and community service. As a family, we have come to cherish these times and are excited about the work that God is doing in Sterling.