Feedback Please!

Thank you for all the comments below. Based on the feedback recieved, Restore has chosen to go with the second image. But then again, this is just round 1. We will need more feedback in the next few weeks as we continue sharpening the site.

Strangers, Friends, and Family,

The first frontpage draft of Restore Community Church’s website is complete! But I need your throughts and feedback!

Please let me know which 1 of the 2 website images (below) you like more and why? Please add comments that will improve the website image you choose. Please place your comments at the bottom of this blog.

Thank you for your help!

Website Image 1


Website Image 2


Again, thank you for your feedback!


15 Responses

  1. Ron,

    Just my .02 worth I like image # 2.

  2. Ron, I like #2, the Road appears to be more opened up and more inviting.


  3. Ron,

    For what it’s worth, definitely #2, hands down.

    Why? Cleaner, catches the eye better and the circle detracts as your eye wants to keep following it around but it doesn’t seem to flow well. You may be communicating with the circle flow chart but at the expense of a clean website. The bottom one is user friendly and your eye naturally follows it along with the links and boxes.


  4. Ron, I like #1. I like the layout. And with the 3 smaller photos around the large one, the large one doesn’t look so dreary… could you add more sunshine? or Sonshine?

  5. I definitely like #2 better. It’s much less distracting, easier to navigate, and allows for additional copy (Shift> and share this with a friend. BTW – the second is actually surprising to have on a homepage). You have a powerful image and I think you limit it in the first version with the circle.

    Remember, the point of a website…to give information. You want to make that as easy as possible. The marketing world says you typically have 8 seconds to capture someone’s attention from the time they land on your site.
    I also don’t think a website is a place to get “fancy” – save that for your printed materials.

    Think of some big websites out there. They aren’t graphically artsy/fancy/whatever you want to call it, at all. Simplicity works wonders.

    Hope this helps!

    • Excellent. I am passing your thoughts on to our web designers. Thank you so much for investing your time on this. I look forward to any final thoughts you have on the card too.

  6. I like option #2 as it is much cleaner. In most professional sites, easy-to-navigate links are the best option. The second one looks more logical, and is more visually pleasing. I like the graphic, its well chosen, but the second one seems much simpler, yet mroe sophisticated

  7. Hi guys! I vote for #2 as well – it’s just easier to look at and immediately get a sense of what I’m seeing. However, if you do keep the circle theme of #1, you may want to think about the order you use for your three links. When I read it, I see “Sunday morning service is first (most important), micro churches come next, and then, LAST, is community service.” I know that’s not what you intend to communicate, and I’m not sure what the best order WOULD be either. Just my initial impressions.

  8. I prefer image 2. It’s more appealing to the eye at first glance, your not looking around to figure out what it is. You get it right away. I like the lines and how the bottom middle box lines up with the line in the road. It’s nice and symmetrical, less chaotic to the eye. To me it says this is who we are (bottom boxes) and this is where we are going (top box). I would move the service times straight down directly across from the community church line. And move the names in the bottom boxes down just a click or so. It looks great. Very earthy, rootsy, non sterile. Nice job.

  9. I like image # 2; it’s cleaner and easier on the eyes. I don’t like the way the road looks and couldn’t understand the picture until I saw the “Shift….” tag line, that pulled it all together.

  10. I like #2 because the layout/links seem more natural and easy to use. Looks great.

  11. I think # 2 is superior because it immediately drew my attention and made me want to look further. I also like the “Shift” sentence, which I do not see in # 1. The shift emphasis is very important to the central message. Easy navigation to gain more info as well.

  12. Definitely #2 my friend. However, altho I know that “shift” captures the vision, there’s something about the word that seems awkward to me in the whole of the piece. Can’t put my finger on it though…

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