Restore Community Church is hiring an Administrative/Communication Coordinator.

The leader of communication and administration’s main objective is to ensure strong communication throughout the church and community while supporting ministry leaders with administrational assistance to help keep them focused on building relationships and equipping the church for works of service. This involves equipping other’s who have the spiritual gifts of communication and administration to unleash their gifts in the church and community. Click here to review job description.


NOVA residents, Restore Community Church, and Dominion High School delivered over 550 pounds of food to Loudound Interfaith Relief on Saturday as part of Enrich NOVA :: Generosity Can’s first project. After the delivery, several families transitioned to Panera Bread to get to know each other.

To get involved with the next project register you can here!food

Feedback Please!

Thank you for all the comments below. Based on the feedback recieved, Restore has chosen to go with the second image. But then again, this is just round 1. We will need more feedback in the next few weeks as we continue sharpening the site.

Strangers, Friends, and Family,

The first frontpage draft of Restore Community Church’s website is complete! But I need your throughts and feedback!

Please let me know which 1 of the 2 website images (below) you like more and why? Please add comments that will improve the website image you choose. Please place your comments at the bottom of this blog.

Thank you for your help!

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Again, thank you for your feedback!