Restore’s First Gathering!

prayerThis Saturday night is the first gathering for Restore Community Church!

We have invited 29 families to become Restore Community Church by growing in relationship and pursuing God’s mission in NOVA together. Over 20 adults and children are coming to Restore’s first gathering.

In the next couple of weeks, we are hosting additional gatherings for those who are unable to make this first gathering. The purpose of these gatherings is to establish new relationships, share stories of all God is already doing, envision the future of God’s church in NOVA, and commit to joining together in God’s mission.

Here is how we need you to pray! Please ask God to…

  • begin establishing the relationships of His church
  • build excitement for His mission in NOVA
  • unite us around His mission

It is possible, even if you live in another state, that you need become part of Restore, but you didn’t know about these first gatherings. Well now you do! To consider joining Restore on location or if you know someone living in NOVA that may need to join Restore, please email me at

To learn more about Restore click here –

Now that you have prayed, enjoy some humor at Chick-fil-a’s expense –

Thank you for partnering with us through prayer!


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