Restore is Hiring

restoresmRestore Community Church is in the process of hiring 4 ministry positions. If you are interested in receiving more information on any of these positions, contact Ron ( Below is an overview of our staffing values and each position we are hiring.

Staffing Values
We believe that Jesus is the head of the church and leads the church through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. As such, our pastoral staff are equal partners in equipping God’s people for works of service (Ephesians 4:11,12). There is to be no authority in the church other than Jesus. The staff are to yield their personal agendas to each other and the leadership of the Holy Spirit as they come to consensus in all matters of ministry.

Restore is starting as a multi-staff church – comprised of both full and part-time leaders.  We are hiring the following pastoral positions:

Pastor of Assimilation and Discipleship – full time
We believe ministry is relationships and that new relationships provide new opportunities to share Jesus’ message. Our ability to establish new relationships is directly proportional to our ability to impact the community with God’s love and truth. The leader of assimilation and discipleship’s main objective is to connect people relationally in the church. This involves developing the spiritual formation process and equipping leaders who help move people through the process based on their relationships, passions, and gifts. To review this job description click here.

Pastor of Community Impact (Enrich NOVA) – ½ time
We believe it’s time for the church to exit the building to unleash God’s generosity in the community and live Jesus’ mission. The leader of community impact’s main objective is to multiply and empower people who are serving others in the context of the community and church. This involves promoting spiritual growth through mentoring relationships and movement into others areas of church life. To review this job description click here.

Pastor of Family Ministries – ½ time
We believe that parents are the primary spiritual influence in a child’s life – for good or bad. The primary focus of our ministry to children is to train parents to be spiritual mentors to their children. The leader of family ministry’s main objective is the equip parents to rear their children to love God and others while living Jesus’ mission while equipping of those who lead the ministry to children.

Pastor of Worship – ¼ time
We believe worshipping God is a lifestyle that is to be practiced 7 days a week both privately and publicly in the church and in the community. The leader of worship ministry’s main objective is to equip believers to worship God seven days a week. This involves equipping leaders to lead corporate worship and to equip the church body to live a lifestyle of worship.


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  1. Hey Ron,

    Josh and I want to let you know that we are praying for you guys that God would direct the right people to you for your staff. We also want to let you know that we are doing the best we can to connect you with people that may know someone else that could be the right fit. I did search on google to see if you would pop up. I put in hiring for ministry and you popped up! I wanted to give you a suggestion for recruiting that we do at Taco Bell to help people find our open positions. We list key words at the bottom of the page that relate in any way to the industry or the position, so that if anyone searches and of those related words then they ultimately find us. Let me know if there is any way that I can help you with recruiting and know that God is good at recruiting people too!

    Take Care,

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