Reaching the “Nones”

solitudeThe “Nones” have been identified by the American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS) as the increasing number of Americans who claim no religion. Professor Keysar reports, the “‘Nones’ are the only group to have grown in every state of the Union” while religious groups are declining.

How do we reach “Nones” with the truth of Jesus Christ? Considering the “Nones” reject religion, perhaps the American church should move away from it’s religious framework and begin embracing the relationships of Jesus. He met people’s needs in tangible ways to present the truth of His Kingdom – a Kingdom that is governed by a different set of values than that of the world. Perhaps the church should value less of the world and more of God’s Kingdom.

Often I ask new followers of Jesus, what did it take for you to “get it” – to understand and experience Jesus’ love. There is only one common thread to each response. “I got to know (they name a Christian friend or group of friends), and they loved me regardless of who I was or what I did. Through this relationship I began to understand and experience God’s love. Slowly, I got to know Jesus and returned to God.”

Reaching the “Nones” is going to take relationship. But first we must shatter Christian religiosity and place greater value on God’s love, generosity, and kindness. This will enable us to build relationships with those who have thrown off religion.

It is the kindness of God that leads people toward repentance (Romans 2:4).

For more thoughts on this topic, watch or listen to my talk titled “Don’t Go To Church; Be The Church.”


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