Making Disciples vs Holding Services


Writer and speaker Raulph Moore has posted a thought provoking article titled “Making Disciples vs Holding Services”. Great discusion piece for church planters. Here is his article.

Did you ever notice that nowhere in scripture tells us to plant churches? 

Someone in a recent pastor’s conference told me that. They were somehow opposed to the idea of multiplying the church–but they were right in their observation. 

They went on to state that Jesus only told us to make disciples–right again.

However, he told us to make disciples of all nations. You have to decide if he meant make “a few disciples in every nation.” Or did he, “make disciples of the nations surrounding Israel” as was done in the first century? Or, as I believe, did he mean to “disciple all the nations of earth into his kingdom.”

But back to our original thought. He never said to plant churches. In fact, nothing in the Bible tells us to hold a single church service. It is all implied throughout Acts and in the epistles. We learn church by example rather than by command. 

But, here is my problem… Most of us believe in planting churches and we all believe in holding church services. Why is it that so few of us are actively, agressively involved in disciplemaking? 

We talk about making disciples as though it was happening all around us. But it isn’t. Sure we have a few programs, etc. But when you compare our ability to hold church meetings with the direct command to make disciples we appear weak.

Here is the question, “Who are your three personal disciples?” Another might be, “Do they even know that they are your disciples?”


A Trashcan Can Make A Difference

On Saturday, February 14, we held a public meeting to unveil Enrich NOVA’s new community impact initiative – Generosity Can ( This meeting was attended by key non-profit, business, and Loudoun County leaders – including: Loudoun Country Supervisor Andrea McGimsey; The Good Shepherd Alliance Board Member Mark Gunderman; LINK Vice President Jim Butts; Sterling Golf, Swim and Tennis Club Board of Directors Vice President George Heidy; Family Worship Center Pastor Brian Wells; Dominion High School Representative and Parent Liaison Taryn Simms; Potomac Falls Anglican Church representative Kevin Brooks; and Center for Community Impact Research President Dave Mills.

Generosity Can is Enrich NOVA’s response to our five month community needs assessment that gives understanding to Sterling’s greatest assets and under-resourced needs. In response to these findings, Enrich NOVA has claimed the trashcan as a symbol of generosity – providing residents in the greater Sterling area a new opportunity to unleash generosity to those in need. This initiative is a collaborative effort between non-profits, churches, government, businesses, clubs, and residents to unleash generosity. And offers people from all walks of life the ability to make a difference, right here in our community through a trashcan.

For many the trashcan is where they collect refuse-those unwanted and unclean items that they want to be rid of. But for others, the trashcan represents life-a medium through which hope, treasure, and daily sustenance is found. Trashcans can be residences of refuse while holding great potential for life. With this potential, Enrich NOVA birthed: Generosity-Can. Because a trashcan can make a difference.

Getting involved is easy. Designate a clean trashcan for collecting new and gently used goods. Then register your can with Generosity Can ( Every 6 weeks, Enrich NOVA partners with a different local non-profit organization, providing residents, businesses, schools, clubs, churches, and government offices the opportunity to fill their trashcan with goods for those in need.

The momentum and excitement among residents and community leaders at this unveiling was palitable because Generosity Can :: Make A Difference (

“It” is coming!

itFor those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter , you know that “It” is coming. And many of you are wondering what “It” is.

I need you praying for “It”!

But before I tell you what “It” is, I need to remind you that you are an insider. As an insider, I need you not to tell anyone what “It” is. But I do want you to let people know that “It” is coming at 9:00am on Saturday, February 14, to 21060 Whitfield Place, Sterling, VA 20165. To know what “It” is they need come – on time.

After five months of conducting a community needs assessment, Enrich NOVA is responding by launching a new community impact initiative. We are unveiling this initiative this coming Saturday. We have invited over 250 people from the Sterling community, as well as, future launch team members of Restore Community Church. I guess this doesn’t quite tell you what “It” is. I guess you will have to come – seriously! This is your invitation.

Here is how I need you to pray right now! 

  • Ask God to bring people from the Sterling community that need to connect with us in Unleashing Generosity.
  • Ask God to bring future launch team members both locally and from around the country who need to share in the excitement of what God is unveiling.
  • Ask God to begin establishing relationships between Christians and pre-Christians during this unveiling event.
  • Ask God to build excitement in the Sterling Community for this initiative and the opportunity to unleash generosity on an ongoing basis.
  • Ask God to allow this unveiling to be the best it can be for establishing new relationships.

Thank you for taking time to pray for “It”!


For five months, we have been conducting a community needs assessment – seeking to understand the greatest assets and under-resourced needs in the sterling community. In this, we have collected over 230 community surveys and conducted over 45 interviews with government, business, and non-profit leaders. And now, through months of listening, praying, and dreaming, we have determined the niche of Enrich NOVA’s community impact initiative!

We are revealing this initiative on February 14!