Spiritual Metaphors

mcquaid_rideIt’s hard to describe the significance of an encounter with God in such a way for others to fully appreciate the magnitude of the moment.

While cycling home from work today, I was met by the Holy Spirit. He was in the wind that pushed against me, moved with me, and carried me faster – a metaphor of the mission he has called my family and me to in Northern Virginia. When the Spirit of God pushes against me – He strengths me. When the Spirit moves with me – He refreshes me. When the Spirit carries me faster – He empowers me.

On a 47 degree day, when my body is working hard, the wind cools me – just as the Spirit of God cools me as I labor in Jesus’ mission and fight for His cause. May the Spirit of God continue to strengthen, refresh, and empower me in His mission in Northern Virginia as the wind did today on my ride home – a journey that is ultimately taking me to my eternal home!

There is nothing quite as exhilarating and freeing as peddling over 30 miles per hour with the wind to my back – so it is with the Spirit of God.