Prayer Update

Too good to write. I’ve got to share this with you personally.


4 Responses

  1. Brother Ron-

    Who does your hair and make-up for these videos? And the lighting guy should just be fired. C’mon… with the millions you have for shooting these movies, let’s see some production value, ok? I liked the script, and your delivery really led me to believe you were sincere and heart-felt. The way you stumbled over words almost led me to beleive you were making it up as you went along. Great job!!

    Oh- and cool news about the church plant. Thanks! Keep up the good work.


  2. Hey Ron!

    Great idea with the video update on what’s happening with you and the various ministry ventures God is leading you into. I loved watching the video instead of reading a few pages!


  3. Hey what a blog,,,so you take any donations?

  4. Lots of content, but worth the read. Keep it coming.

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