Church Planting Made Easy!

Church planting is more work than most people could ever imagine, but it doesn’t have to be hard! The key to church planting is relationships. At least it should be – if ministry is relationships. And it is.

Today we ran our second community needs and assets survey – this time at Sterling Fest ’08 where we provided free face painting and water tattoos. While serving children, we took the opportunity to talk with their partents and listen to them identify unmet needs in our community through a written survey. 78% of the people who filled out the survey responded that they want to receive the results of the survey which gives us opportunity to engage them in community service and long-term relationship in the coming months.

It took 16 volunteers to accomplish this assessment. We had 3 face painters and 5 water tattooers. The rest of our team engaged parents in conversation. Man did we have a load of fun!

During this time, I met the activities director of OktoberFest who invited us to come serve with her in two weeks. I met a community member who approached us to help run survey’s and get involved in our new community service initiatives. I met the president of the Ruritan Club who invited me to come speak to the club’s 40 members. I met a business owner who wants to partner with us in community service. I met the outreach director for Eastern Mountain Sports who has invited us to set up in her store this coming Saturday. I met a small group leader from another church who wants to get her small group serving with us.

The people we met were extremely open to talking and helping us empower people to serve others.


3 Responses

  1. What a fruitful event! I’m particularly grateful (as I know you are) for the 16 volunteers. It sounds like you have developed some excellent support among local believers. Are they primarily from New Life? We praise God for these early steps in community outreach.

  2. Fabulous getting to see God honoring your efforts and meeting every need in abundance! We are rejoicing with you!

  3. Are you sure you didn’t meet the Pope since you met everyone else? : )

    So thrilled to learn of the connections and relationships you made this weekend. Looks like it was a wonderful time…

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