It’s Begun!

We have taken our first steps in starting a community based organization that births a new church! These first steps have prepared us to launch our community needs assessment on Saturday. The assessment process is enabling us to unleash generosity in the Sterling community as we 1) Relate – build new relationships with community residents, 2) Listen – listen to people identify the greatest community needs, and 3) Serve – empower people to serve people as we start new community service initiatives.

Starbucks has donated a couple hundred cups of free coffee for us to pass out to parents who are watching the athletic prowess of their kids at local athletic fields. While passing out the coffee, we are inviting people to fill out our community needs and assets survey which will qualify them for our free iPod Touch give away. The information from this survey is being used to empower people into new community service initiatives that are determined through the community needs assessment.

For those of you who are wondering what first steps we took to get to get to this point. Here they are:

  1. Became an auspice of Passion 4 Community for conducting our community needs assessment
  2. Recruited and trained Survey Team Leaders
  3. Recruited a Site Coordinator
  4. Developed our Community Needs and Assets Survey
  5. Started developing relationships with local businesses
  6. Developed and printed our Generosity Unleashed banner for our survey sites

Everything we are doing is enabling us to 1) build new relationships in the community, 2) listen to the concerns of community residients, 3) empower people to serve people, so we can start a new church that is actively involved meeting community needs while helping restore people in relationship with God and others.


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