First Baptism!

I baptized my first person in Northern Virginia, in the Potomac River, in the community of Sterling. This baptism took place prior to deciding that Sterling would be the best community for establishing a new church and community based organization.

This is the first of thousands of baptisms in Sterling that are yet to come as we work with Jesus to restore people to a right relationship with God and others. What an awesome picture God has given of the many more people who will come into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ through the ministry that is being established today! We are so thankful what God is already doing change people’s lives.


4 Responses

  1. praising God with you, my friend! how awesome is that????

  2. Nothing like the sound of a jetski at a baptism! LOVE IT… and somehow felt it was more New Testament. Not joking. Way to long to actually explain it though here.

  3. What greater joy than God bringing new little ewes into His flock choosing for you to be His shepherd boy…..See Psalms 78:72 Read the whole passage…..

    Okay so Jesus did not have motors on the boats but I am pretty sure there were other fishing boats in the water where He was baptized….just ask us…Dave and Bill got baptized in the Jordan River

    We love praying as you grow as a church.
    Love Dave and Rennie Garda
    Cadre Ministries Eph 4:11-12

  4. Give God the glory and may you see the fruits of your work for the kingdom in many more baptisms.

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