Needing to be Needed

I had a great conversation with a guy who lives at the shopping center up the street from my home. He longs to step out of homelessness, but he is quick to state that his greatest need is to be needed. It will be exciting to see how God continues working in this man’s life while we help him become a contributor in meeting other people’s needs.

If we’re honest, we all share this man’s need – the need to be needed. It seems the best way to fulfill this need is … to live for the good of others – to live a life of service. Isn’t this what Jesus did for us?

Some of you are thinking, “But what about this man’s physical needs?” Don’t worry. He has a great group of people who care about him and are working to help him get back on his feet. He’s going to make it. And in the process God is transforming his life.

And I have a new friend.

In forming a new community based organization that births a new church, we are responding to un-met needs as we empower people to serve people.


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