Generosity Unleashed

I love how God moves people to action when they hear of the vision and strategy God has given us for reaching the people of NOVA with the message of Jesus. This email came from a friend who has a 17 year old daughter who was lead by God to become a financial partner in God’s vision. It’s not the money. It is her sacrifice and heart for the lost – demonstrated in her financial gift.

Last night at the end of our family sabbath, we had a short family Bible study… and then I shared about a dozen opportunities from a wide variety of ministries for our kids to contribute to.  I explained the value of each ministry.  After I shared your strategy with our kids, our oldest, Jill (17) was totally intrigued by NOVA and your church plant.  Jill coughed up $25 (I think is was $25) and we mailed it in for you today.

I love this story! The story of God’s mission moving his daughter to a life of faith and selfless giving for the purpose of advancing Jesus’ message.

On a side note: If you are parent – are you spiritually leading your kids like this?


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