Do What Isn’t Being Done

“If we are going to reach people with the message of Jesus that no one else is reaching we are going to have to do what no one else is doing.”

Some churches need to stop what they are doing to reach people that no other church is reaching. In our case, we get to start doing what  no one else is doing.


What are People Saying?

It amazes us how God is using our story to encourage others to exhibit bold faith and redirect their lives. The following are email excerpts received from people who are being impacted by our story. I trust these statements will encourage you as well.

– Prayer and Financial Partner

“Your PASSION for Jesus is contagious – keep SEEKING His heart. You’re Making A Difference! Thank You.”

– Anonymous Financial Partner in NOVA

“My heart and mind are so encouraged as I think of you and your families faith in following God’s plan…. I think of the courage and faith to follow the call of the Lord that you and your family have taken…. It is truly by the encouragement of others like you, who have grown more faithful and closer in each turn in your journey as God reveals His amazing care in faithfulness, that inspires others like myself, to trust and to follow the greater Call…. I pray here in thanksgiving for the blessing you have bestowed upon all of us whose lives have been influenced by your faithful example.”

– Prayer Partner from Calvary Church of Souderton

“I have been meaning to take a moment over the last few weeks and say “thank-you”…why? Well, Miffy of course…when you preached the sermon on “Miffy”…at first I didn’t like what I heard, meaning I had to face the reality that my miffy is my mom. Long story short…. Thanks Ron for your passion in your messages…it does make a difference, people are listening.”

– Member of New Life Christian Church

Putting the Pieces Together

For several years, the Great Falls Optimist Club has provided meals to low income families in the month of December. We have fed as many as 20 families. The families we serve reside primarily in Herndon – a neighboring community to Great Falls. We identify these families through the Laurel Learning Center in Reston – another neighboring community to Great Falls.

At our last meeting, I agreed to lead this initiative in 2008. I am totally stoked about this opportunity! This may be the first initiative of our new community service organization (CSO). Even better, it is in partnership with the Optimist Club – another organization that cares deeply for meeting needs and providing hope to children and families. This initiative will provide a natural connection point for starting our community needs assessment this fall while enabling us to serve needing families immediately.

My objectives in leading this Optimist Club initiative are 1) to identify 15 – 20 families for the Optimist Club to serve this December, and 2) help provide these families long-term assistance as we form the new CSO.

It is so cool to see how God is bringing together our relationships and passions with His vision to restore people’s lives in Northern Virginia. If you are a financial or prayer partner with us, be encouraged with another unfolding story of God at work through your investment. To become a financial partner click here.