God’s Working

Ever had one of those moments when you receive unexpected encouragement? This is one of those moments for me. The message this lady is referring to was given two months prior to my receiving this note. God’s is changing people’s lives in NOVA – one life at a time. If you are a prayer and/or financial partner be encouraged with me. God is using your prayers and financial contributions to change people’s worlds.

I have been meaning to take a moment over the last few weeks and say “thank-you”…why? Well, Miffy of course…when you preached the sermon on “Miffy”…at first I didn’t like what I heard, meaning I had to face the reality that my miffy is my mom. Long story short,

we don’t get along…she kinda had a “staged breakdown” when she and my dad divorced 3 years ago and it’s just been kind ugly. All through that sermon her face and name kept screaming in my head. She’s kinda one of the extra grace required people…needless to say, I started praying. I know God wanted me to respect the boundaries I had established with my mom, but I knew I needed to love her too.

I just wanted you to know that I called her shortly thereafter and told her I was sorry we really hadn’t talked in a good while and invited her here for Mother’s Day (HUGE step by the way)…she came, stayed the night, went to church with us and overall it was kinda pleasant. We have had a few moments here and there since…presently I am a “horrible” daughter…but that’s okay. I know she doesn’t know God like I do and I am hoping that through my committment to serve Him, she gets to know him.

Which brings me to my other “thank-you” and that’s for the sermon that was part of the thrive series “Own-Share”…I am in Holy Discontent about my mom and in all honesty the rest of my family (sister, dad and brother-in-law) because they are lost…they don’t get why I choose to get up and serve every Sunday, why I reach out to needy kids through Haymarket’s Grab Your Groceries and SPRING ministries…they honestly believe me to be a Jesus Freak…and

they’re right, I am šŸ™‚ Passion requires action, right? So, in that sermon I was able to hear that through serving my God wholeheartedly…well, that provides witness to my family. I only hope that I can do it humbly and honor God at all times.

Thanks Ron for your passion in your messages…it does make a difference, people are listening.


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