Love in Action

Carol story 2Carol’s sister had struggled for months to keep food on the table for her four children. When she could sustain her family no longer, she and her children moved in with Carol and her family. Recently, Carol’s sister decided she’d had enough and left.

Carol is now taking care of her own four children and her sister’s four children. Her sister refuses to send financial support and has been gone for five months. The children are sleeping doubled up on bed’s and on the floor. The financial strain on Carol’s family is overwhelming as she and her husband struggle to care for 8 children. They can’t afford all the diaper’s, food, or clothing that are needed for the children. Not to mention the emotional strain of caring for 8 children in a small home.

A committed member of New Life Church became aware of Carol’s need and called Spring (New Life’s community service ministry) for assistance in meeting Carol’s needs. Within a few hours, Spring sent out an email list of needed items for this family and asked our small group to make the delivery. Among many items needed were bunk beds.

I hate using Craig’s list. In fact, I do everything I can to avoid using it. However, at 10:30pm on Friday night, God prompted me to look for bunk bed’s on Craig’s list. So I did. Coolest deal. Just before logging on, free bunk beds were posted. The next morning, while picking up the bed’s, I shared Carol’s story and was immediately offered bed sheets and a dresser.

On Sunday, my father-in-law and I delivered and set up the bunk beds and dresserCarol story. The children’s smiles as they climbed on the beds for the first time were priceless. Last night (Monday), our small group delivered clothing, diapers, food, and lamps. Spring is continuing to work with Carol to meet her families additional needs.

Carol’s friend from New Life has invited her to get involved at New Life, giving us the ability to meet her emotional, relational, and spiritual needs as we welcome her to become part of Jesus’ family.

This is another great taste of the vision God is leading us to as we start a Community Based Organization (CBO) and new church that restore people to God and others. Your prayer and financial support is making a difference meeting people’s needs and leading them toward relationship with Jesus Christ.



2 Responses

  1. A growing number of people are “working poor”. That means they work full time but live in relative poverty because of low pay and high costs of living. If someone like this is victimized by an IRS wage levy the effects can be devastating. Unfortunately the IRS won’t go away. Fortunately there is reasonably priced help available. Get your hands on a copy of the DVD by Attorney Darrin Mish, “How to Get a Release From an IRS Wage Levy.”

  2. Rick,

    Thank you for your comment and offering a resource for addressing the larger issue beyond the tagible need.

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