One Mean Machine

ron with keiths bike

Five weeks ago, I called my friend Keith McIntosh and asked if he would be willing to let me borrow his $2,400 road bike for the next 4 months. He said YES! Bike Fit in St. Catharines, Ontario, then agreed to tune up and package the bike, and Keith’s parents offered to drive the bike across the Canadian/USA border to mail.

Tonight I went for my first test ride! This bike is one tight, fast, mean machine. The difference between a $400 bike and a $2,400 road bike is comparable to the difference between and Chevy Cavalier and a Corvette.

Next week I begin riding to work – 26 miles round trip. Not only will this bust me into great shape really fast, but it will also save me approximately $15 per week ($60 per month) inron riding off gas. Beyond the physical and financial advantage to riding, I want to know if I will enjoy road riding enough to purchase my own bike.

Receiving this bike from Keith and putting it together gave me the same feelings I had at age 5 when my mom and dad gave me my first bike for Christmas.

Keith – thank you for loaning me your bike! Bike Fit (Rick) – thank you sharing your love for riding with me many years ago and helping me out again by tuning and packaging Keith’s bike. Bob and Phyllis – thanks for taking the time to get Keith’s bike out of the basement and into the USA.


4 Responses

  1. You’re looking good Ron! Have fun with that bike! Glad that we could help.

  2. […] dad’s semi-well preserved 1980(?) Schwinn Sprint.  Thanks to my motivational older brother (Ron Klabunde), I threw it in back of my truck, drove it home, put a little air in the tires and straightened out […]

  3. Ron, check out what you motivated me to do! Thanks, man.

  4. Hey Ron,
    Your bike story reminded me of this great accidental ministry I just happened to pedal into last year. A few years back into biking, I found Sunday mornings a great time to get a little excercise and mentally prepare my mind and my heart in the peace of the early sabbath morning. Well not being in as great of shape as I may have pretended, I found myself taking little breaks in the areas that just happen to be near the many area churches. Some great conversations and fellowship arose on the way into church, maybe in the beginning out of concern and symapathy for the old man that they may have thought was going to have a heart attack. lol. But I continued this Sunday morning ritual of riding and actually became intentional to a schedule so I could spend a few minutes with some new brothers and sisters, who I then noticed were kind of waiting for me each morning. God is so amazing in how He can turn something as simple as a bike ride to His Glory.
    Keep on peddaling Brother,

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