House in a Box

Norma DeliveryRecently I gave a sermon on Mephibosheth and asked New Life Church attendees to pray about someone they needed to lavish with love.  Many New Lifer’s really took this to heart and prayed about it – including Norma Gordon.  God put the face of a little boy in her mind.  Norma teaches Special Ed and this 3rd grader is one of her students who has lots of issues due to his family situation.  Norma had been concerned about the boundaries between student and child but decided to press on.  She approached the mother and learned that they had moved out of their bad living situation but also out of the school district so the boy couldn’t be her student anymore.  Norma asked them not to move him and is now taking him to and from school for the rest of the year; obviously an amazing sacrifice.  Upon picking him up, she noticed that they didn’t have anything in the new apartment.  She asked the mother and it was confirmed that they left everything behind and took only the clothing on their backs due to a cock roach infestation in their previous apartment. The infestation was so sever that had they moved their possessions, they would have also moved larve and had another infestation in the new apartment. Consequently, the family had nothing. I really mean nothing. They were all sleeping on the floors with only a few sheets. The occupants of the home are the mother, her boyfriend, Norma’s  student, his 2 teenaged sisters and 2 infants (from one of the teenagers).  Norma contacted Spring asking if she could have some of the household items we’d been collecting for families in need.  Imagine her surprise and delight when she was told that we could provide the furnishing for an entire house – “a house in a box”.  Norma was blown away and so amazed at the way God has worked through the sermon and prayer.  Karena (my 6 year old) and I, with others from New Life, had the opportunity to deliver a “house in a box” to this family immediately; they were very appreciative of everything. 

Watch this video to get the details of this story and to gain greater understanding of how God is using your prayer and financial support to change people’s lives. This is a taste of the vision God has given us in starting a Community Based Organization (CBO) and new church in Northern Virginia.


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