The Church without Walls

church under constructionIt’s my observation that many churches become stagnet through the process of buying land and building buildings. Without buildings the church is forced to do whatever it takes to survive. In the quest to survive, they maintain a high level of innovation that breeds energy and excitement for God’s work in other people’s lives. In this state, the purpose, when handled correctly, remains clear and Jesus’ mission is more effectively accomplished.

Unfortunately, in the midst of this life giving adventure, people long to settledown, rest, take care of their own needs, and build a permenent home for worship in a safe structure that protects from the elements of pioneering ministry. Once the building is built, there is a sense of… “we have arrived” – “we have made it” – “we can relax now”. As this mindset settles in, the mission often becomes vague and the purpose of the church unclear. Instead of striving to survive by fulfilling God’s mission and focusing on the needs of others – which actually promotes survival – the church begins to focus on itself and looses sight of others. The church leverages their purpose as collateral for property and in the process looses sight of why they exist. They transition from being pioneers in Jesus’ mission to being settlers.


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