Faith that Moves People

Old Faithful

It amazes me how God is using our story to encourage others to exhibit bold faith and redirect their lives. The following are excerpts from an email I received from one our prayer team members. I trust his statements will encourage you as well.

“My heart and mind are so encouraged as I think of you and your families faith in following God’s plan.I think of the courage and faith to follow the call of the Lord that you and your family have taken, and how in these uncertain times by life’s standards, you have gone ahead in the example of Abraham…. In one of my study groups we happen to be in the book of Genesis and as Abraham leaves Ur in all the uncertainty with only the promise of God’s provision, I think about you and other friends in this day who exhibit this great faith and will to follow Him…. It is truly by the encouragement of others like you, who have grown more faithful and closer in each turn in your journey as God reveals His amazing care in faithfulness, that inspires others like myself, to trust and to follow the greater Call…. I pray here in thanksgiving for the blessing you have bestowed upon all of us whose lives have been influenced by your faithful example, and I pray that the Lord will continually bless you and your family as He has chosen to work through you His faithful servant, as you continue to bless us and His Kingdom here on earth.”

I love how God is using our faith to encourage and move others forward in their spiritual journey’s to take huge risks for the proclamation of Jesus Christ.


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