Hanging with Happy People

I love hanging out with happy people. Last night I attended the Great Falls Optimist Club to help prepare for their Spring Festival. I imagine your question is the same as mine, “What is the optimist club?” Well, it isn’t the Pessimist Club – they disband after their first meeting for lack of purpose, meaning, and inability to get along.

Clearly stated – the Optimist Club exists to help children develop to their fullest potential by providing them hope and positive vision for a better world. “Optimist Clubs are serious about ‘Bringing Out the Best in Kids’ and do their part through community service programs. Optimists conduct 65,000 community service projects each year, spending $78 million in their communities. Six million kids are positively affected by Optimist programs.”Pessimist Club

Upon arriving, the first question I received was, “Are you an optimist member?” My answer, “I’ve been an optimist my entire life – does that constitute membership?” I guess it does. They didn’t kick me out.

Throughout the night, I was asked by various optimist members, why did you move to Northern Virginia? My answer was just about the same each time. “We came here to start a non-profit, community based organization (CBO) that exists to meet the needs of people in the community – like you do through the Optimist Club – and out of that organization start a new church. As I see it, Jesus came to meet all the needs of people – their relational, physical, emotional, financial, occupational, and spiritual needs – not just their spiritual needs. We believe the church needs to leave the building and meet the wholistic needs of people in the community as Jesus did – this includes their spiritual needs and so much more.”

So why did I attend the Optimist Club meeting last night? Simple. To meet people who have a deep care for children and the people of their community. To get involved in community life and service. To share the vision that God has given us for Northern Virginia. To grow in relationships that provide the opportunity to share the hope, forgiveness, and power found in the truth of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.


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