Woman at the pool – “Will you come”?

While in Palm Springs, CA, I was talking with a woman while lounging around the pool. She inquired as to why we recently moved to Fairfax County, VA. After explaining our vision to start a Community Based Organization (CBO) and new church, she said, “So your going to be a hip pastor to young adults.” I guess I’m cool and hip – at least to 55 year old women. I smiled and explained our reason for starting a CBO that births a new church is because we deeply believe it is time for the church to leave the building and become actively involved in meeting people’s real needs in tangible ways while sharing the irresistible love of Jesus Christ. The church needs to worship God one day a week in the sanctuary and six days a week in the community. She stated her observation that we are starting a church that doesn’t judge people. I agreed and clarified that we would still address sin for what it is – the violation of our relationship with God birthed out of selfishness – but in doing so, help people understand the forgiveness and grace that God has given us and offers them. Will we judge? NO. Will we offer others what God has given us? YES. She told me about two churches which are actively involved in her community. She has been intending to attend one of these churches with a friend, but just hasn’t found the time yet. I encouraged to her pursue Jesus. As we ended our conversation, she spoke truth into my life as a plea for her life, “You are going to be a great pastor. Will you come start a new church in my city?”

God has lead me to Northern Virginia. Is God leading you to start a new church and CBO in Chico, California?


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