Tim Keller on The Gospel at Exponential

Tim KellerTim Keller

“The DNA of a reproducing church must be the gospel.” The gospel is the power of God in verbal form.

Today, the evangelical world is unsure what the “gospel” real is.

So let’s talk about a case for what the gospel is…

“There is one gospel and it takes several forms.”

What is the one gospel?

1. In Jesus Christ, God emptied himself and became a human being.

2. In Jesus Christ, God substituted himself to atone for our sins.

3. In Jesus Christ, God will come back to restore the material world.

To preach just the Kingdom of God is here is not going to change lives.

1. Upside down Kingdom – in our church we are about meeting people’s needs (service / humility)

2. Sin is man putting himself where God should be, Salvation is God putting Himself where man deserves to be

3. Christianity is a fighting religion – that fights to restore the all of the world

There isn’t one form of the gospel that is going to hit everyone between the eyes. We must teach the gospel in all three forms.

The best way to have a diverse congregation is to teach expository. The Bible gets to people. Teach the text. Preach in different ways and preach different areas of the Bible. Keep balancing the gospel.

We must know how to preach the gospel in each way.

1. God has written Himself into the story he is writing because He wants to have a relationship with the people He created in the story.







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  1. […] in various forms. I remember sitting overwhelmed by his insight on this subject as I raced to write notes and quotes from his message. You can view these here. Honestly, my notes don’t do justice to the depth […]

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