Larry Osborne on Multiplying Leaders at Exponential Conference

Larry OsborneLarry Osborne – North Coast Church
Multiplying Leaders

Empower people and then platform people – this gives people power with authority.

Barnabas factor

  • personal financial generosity – if we won’t share our earthly treasures, then we won’t share our leadership resources. If someone is stingy with their stuff, they will be stingy with their ministry. This enables us to raise up people who will raise up people who will fly higher than we can.
  • He looked for anointing and track record – God has a great track record of picking wrong people and making this soar.
  • He looked for people who were different. Defend the right for people to be different withing the vision. Make people color in the vision, but not within the lines. Look for young eagles, but remember they won’t see the world the way you.
  • Be willing to step aside. Don’t raise up helpers. Multiply leaders.
  • Don’t let a favorite child, become a spoiled child. The mission is more important than the relationships.

 Random thoughts and musings:

  • “Ministry is addictive; don’t ask for too much too fast.” Work people into ministry positions slowly – let them grow into ministry leadership.
  • “The ponies are more important than the mail.” Take care of your leaders – they are more important than the people they serve.
  • “Develop a nose for leaders and a heart for the regular guy.” This prevents us from seeing people as leaders and losers.
  • “As you multiply leaders, beware of high passion – high contentious people.” If someone is a pit bull for righteousness, they are still a pit bull. Be careful of people who are contentious for the right reasons. Because when they disagree with you; they will bit you. Pit bulls love to growl. They are easy to identify.
  • “Beware of suffocating discipleship.” The process is intense but no one is becoming a leader. Suffocation happen with too much relationship and training.
  • “Accept the fact that you can’t have both empowerment and excellence.” Empowerment and excellence are always in some tension even when people are operating in gifts. Empowerment doesn’t mean everyone gets a chance.
  • “Have a plan to make room at the table.” Make a plan to get young leaders involved in decision making processes.

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