Alan Hirsch on Missional Movement at Exponential

Alan Hirsch“Organization puts pressure on people to conform. Sometimes we need a kick in the … to break formation. The way we do church holds us back from an exponential movement of the church in North America.” – Alan Hirsch

Four things we need to recover of the centrality of Jesus for an new exponential movement of His church:

1.  It is Christology that lives a at the heart of the renewal of the church.

  • To radicalize we must go back to our root – Jesus.
  • Non-Christians think we look un-Christian because we don’t look like Jesus. 

2.  Christology determines Missionology which determines Ecclessiology

  • We must always recalibrate back to Jesus.
  • Jesus is a disturbing dude. Jesus doesn’t mix well with religion or the religious. 

3.  The subversion of Christianity

  • Does the church represent Jesus?
  • It is hard to live with Jesus. But he offers the words of life.
  • Christianity minus Christ equals Religion
  • Jesus came to free us from religion
  • Christianity minus Christ equals Religion Christianity (we must bring Jesus back in)

 4.  Show me your Jesus

  • Scary Jesus (image)
  • Buddy Jesus (image)
  • Sunday School Jesus (image)
  • Jesus my boyfriend (image – Jesus with Mary Magdalene)
  • Bearded Lady Jesus (image)
  • Suburban Jesus (image – designing his cross)

We need to recover Jesus – the wild one, who we find disturbing.

Recovery of Discipleship as our CORE Task:

  • becoming a “little Jesus” – we must become like Him
  • Embodiment and transmission – if we are more like Jesus, people will be more in interested in us
  • movements can can grow only in proportion to their ability to make disciples – Jesus makes it hard to join the movement – Discipleship is the basis of the apostolic movement.
  • Consumerism is killing us from within

Recovering the Ethos / Structure of Apostolic Movements

  • What we need are missionally responsive, culturally adaptive, organizationally agile, multiplication movements
  • Movements:

mobilize the whole people of God – never outsource to paid staff – every person a church planting and every church a church planting church

are reproduce and multiply – bring God’s mission to the people

are structurally networked (avoid centralization and function)

Recovering an Incarnational – Mission Impulse

  • Missional God
  • Incarnational God
  • Incarnational church = going deep



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