Alan Hirsch on Messio Dei at Exponential

Alan HirschIf mission is subservient to ecclessiology then we are forced to ask, how do I live the mission? Instead the church is subservient to God’s mission.

It’s not that the church has mission; it is that the mission has a church.

Mission is something that God does and we join him in

“God is involved in every person, calling them to himself, in and through Jesus Christ.” Wesley.

God is not stuck in church. He is not stuck only in the holy.

“Mission is to be the organizing factor of the church. Mission is not to be insider work – among believers. The problem is that the church organizes around ministry (programs) – not mission. This causes us to have to run a show, instead of running with people to need to know Jesus. Mission is to be outsider work – focusing on those outside of the church.” – Alan Hirsch

If ministry is your organizing principle, then you will probably not do mission. If your church is organized around mission, then the church will become fluid in it’s expression (ministry). The church must be defined by mission not by ministry.

Mission is never to be a sub-committee

Functions / Definition of the church:

  • Mission
  • Transformed – Discipleship
  • Worship – “offering our will back to God”

What about the sacraments?

Communion is not to be a religious practice – it is to be a part of lives over a meal. It flows out of the mission of Jesus for the mission of Jesus. The poor need to be embraced through hospitality into the communion that happens in our homes – a meal of grace to the poor for Jesus’ mission.



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