Andy Stanley on Apostalic Vision at Exponential Conference

Andy Stanley - Making Vision StickAndy Stanley’s talk on Apostolic Vision at the National New Church Conference – Exponential – is the outline of his book “Making Vision Stick“.  As Andy encouraged us, listen to this session (or in your case – read this blog post), save your money, and don’t buy the book. Here it is…

How do you make vision stick as a church planter?

Vision – a mental picture of what it could be, fulled by some passion of what could be

Vision always begins as a burden for what could be – we do what we do because of a burden for the way things should be.

The challenge of leadership is to take what is clear in our head and make it clear to others. How do we bring others to do what needs to be done?

1.  State it Simply

  • Keep it simple stupid! Memorable is Portable. Make it memorable. Make it portable. Vision that sticks must be memorable and portable.
  • Never assume people know as much about what you are doing as you know about what you are doing. Keep your language the same on your vision.
  • Only simple visions can communicate from person to person, from church to church to reproduce disciples. Keep it and state it simply.

 2.  Cast it Convincingly

  • Define the problem – help people feel the problem – craft vision as a solution to a problem – what must be done in the environment we are in? What would go undone if your church ceased to exist?
  • Offer a solution.
  • Explain why and why now – be sure to answer why now? Have a long discussion with your team on this.

3.  Repeat it Regularly

  • Look at the rhythms of your church and use them to repeat the vision.

4.  Celebrate Systematically

  • When you find someone living the vision. Tell the story – celebrate the story. Stories do more to communicate and clarify values than anything else. Celebrate the win. Showcase the win of those people who are living the vision.

5.  Embrace it Personally and Publicly

  • Let people you really believe in the vision by telling stories and living the vision. People need to know that you are bought into the vision God has given you.



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