Preamble to Exponential – Rick Warren

Rick WarrenFor those who are planting churches, this podcast with Rick Warren and Jon Ferguson is a great introduction to the National New Church ConferenceExponential. To listen in…click here. Here are some of the key notes of the podcast. Enjoy.

  • Spiritual Formation is about growing people to spiritual maturity – this must be the focus of the church. Focus on the growth of people, not the growth of numbers. We must develop our people to become spiritually maturity enough to be spiritually reproducing people.
  • We must know how our people are growing. Take time to know the statistics of how people are growing and developing. These statistics enable leaders to sharpen the churches spiritual formation approach to developing people. We need to know the condition of our flock.
  • Church is not all about the weekend. It is about the process of spiritual formation and reproduction. People grow by commitment, not toward commitment.
  • Ask people for a commitment every week – this helps them mature spiritually.
  • Provide people the opportunity to take notes during weekend message to increase learning which increases spiritual maturity and life-change.
  • Exponential thinking: when we think exponentially, it forces us to think outside of the box. God will work to the depth of our faith. To think exponential we must expand our faith.
  • People join a small group because of content and stay because of relationships.

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