Going All The Way

Going All The WayThis past month, Going All The Way: preparing for a marriage that goes the distance, finally made it off the shelf and into the “read me” pile. Stefani and I got this book as a gift and agreed to blog about it – then life went a little crazy. But, it made it off and was worth the read.If you are looking to date, are dating, are thinking about marriage, or are in the midst of making wedding plans – I recommend you read this book. Also, if you work in pre-marital counseling or with young married couples – read this book.

Craig Groeschel, founder and pastor of LifeChurch.tv, doesn’t share research data or psychological principles for building strong marriages. Instead, his approach for fostering committed, long-lasting marriages come through his real life experiences – full of messy relationships, and a journey that led him to meet his “One” – entering into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Through self study he learned the importance of developing a relationship with his “One” first, then working to find his “Two”.

This August, Stefani and I will be married 13 years. Some of you are probably thinking, “this isn’t exactly the time to be reading a book preparing you for marriage.” Truthfully, it was refreshing to read this book – seeing in print many of the “habits” (chp.14), we have put into practice throughout our relationship. It was also a great reminder that passion and pursuit doesn’t stop once you get married -passion and pursuit are a vital part of the marriage covenant that “goes all the way.”

Thanks to Craig Groeschel for writing this book from his life story – challenging us to live differently than what society calls “normal”


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