A Short, Annoying Dweeb

ZacchaeusI have always perceived Zacchaeus as a short, annoying dweeb – an image that emerged from my Sunday school experience as a child. Luke, however, communicates a very different picture. Though short, Zacchaeus possessed great wealth, influence, humility, leadership, and a whatever it takes attitude. More importantly, he is pursued by Jesus to be restored to God.

Now that I better understand the true nature of Zacchaeus, I’m curious. Why did Jesus pursue him? Yes, I know the no-brain-er Sunday school answer – to bring him to right relationship with God. But why Zacchaeus? Jesus was surrounded by a large crowd of relationally, emotionally, financially, and physically needy people who like Zacchaeus were spiritual confused. So, why did he choose Zacchaeus? I’m not giving the answer to this one. Instead, I invite you to personally wrestle with the question and determine how Jesus wants to modify your approach to living His mission.

As for me, I’m praying that God introduces me to a modern day Zacchaeus – a wealthy, influential, humble, community leader with a whatever takes attitude, who in his own process of being restored to God, will lavishly offer his wealth and influence to tangibly meet the needs of others.

I believe this relationship is an important part of fulfilling Jesus’ mission as we start a new church and community based organization that exist to restore people to God and others.


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