Stood Up!

starbucks.jpgI love being stood up! Really. Set a meeting with me, don’t show up, and I’ll seize it as an opportunity. An opportunity to read, reflect, pray, or meet with a stranger.

Matter of fact, I was stood up this morning. After waiting and reading 40 minutes, I drove to Starbucks to kill another 45 minutes before my next meeting. While purchasing a muffin, I asked God to lead me into conversation with whoever he desired. When I went to find a set, there was only one big arm chair left next to an older gentlemen.  I asked the man if I could sit with him. For the next 45 minutes, I listened to this man’s (Lee’s) story. I heard about his son who died 30 years ago; his overcoming colon cancer; his wife’s recovery from breast cancer, and much more. Eventually, he got tired of talking and asked his first question, “Are you a student at Brock University?” What a compliment! No, but I did share with him that I’m a pastor. This instantly turned the conversation to a discussion of his spiritual journey and doubts about God – the opportunity I asked God to provide. We discussed his need to displace spiritual doubt with repentance, forgiveness, and living for God not himself. At this end of our conversation, I shared with Lee how I asked God to lead me to have a conversation with a person this morning. Since God set up this meeting, I asked Lee to share with me what God was speaking to him through our conversation. He clearly articulated that God used this conversation to speed him toward a life of faith and self-less living. Before praying with Lee, I encouraged him to be baptized when he decides to place his faith in Jesus Christ.

It turns out that Lee attends the church in St. Catherines, Ontario where I used to be on staff.


4 Responses

  1. Wow! Very cool encounter. Makes us wonder why we don’t pray for opportunities more often. Turns out those people are usually there waiting, but prayer is what opens our eyes to the need.

    On a humorous note: Student at Brock –a compliment? If I recall, Canadians say, “If you can walk, you can go to Brock!” But congrats on your youthfullness!

    your bro

  2. Hey Ron! I had a similar experience last night sitting next to your father-in-law on a United flight from my hometown Seattle to LA. I was stood up too by United as the flight was an hour and a half delayed. After the flight got on its way I struck up a conversation with the gentlemen in 3A (I was on the aisle in 3C as I always do so that the people are stuck and can’t get away! 🙂 After hearing a bit about what Helmut was involved with he asked me the inevitable. For various reasons I typically cringe when telling people that I am a pastor just because in Seattle I find that most of the time it throws up walls. But not this time. Immediately our conversation went into church planting and the work that you are doing on the East Coast.

    Keep up the stellar work and prayers ascend for you and your ministry.

    I guess that next is the two of us meeting in person at some random Starbucks in VA.



  3. Prayed for Lee!

  4. thank you, dude

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