As a child I remember standing on the edge of the roof hearing my father say, “Jump! I’ll catch you!” The roof was safe. My father’s arms were safe. Falling between the two felt freaky.

Once again, I am jumping from security and comfort, but this time by resigning my position at a mega-church, giving up a good salary, selling a comfortable home, and moving my family three-and-a-half hours south. I am embracing this faith-based-risk journey in order to meet the physical, financial, relational, emotional, and spiritual needs of others. In this journey, I am discovering my innate propensity toward security and comfort. There is nothing wrong with this desire for the Eden in which I was created. The problem is when I strive to create my own Eden by depending on my personal resources, skills, and worldly wisdom to find a place of security and comfort. In my faith journey, God speaks into the core of my being, “I’ve been waiting for you to release control and live dependent in me. Now I will show you the magnitude of my provision and power as I pour out the resources of heaven. I’ll show you what I’ve got.” Since taking the freaky leap from perceived security and comfort, I am discovering the unfathomed strength and love of my Father as He unfolds the working of miracles in and around my life.

May I always embrace faith-based-risk as a major theme of life to experience and bring God’s presence, security, and comfort to others who have need.


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