Dear Jesus

Dear Jesus,

This year you have awakened a dream in our hearts that was planted nine years ago. You have lead us from a place of fabricated comfort and security into a journey of risk and faith that is revealing the magnitude of your provision and power as we let go of control and depend on you. A life of adventure that is filled with the wonder of your glory and is inspiring others’ faith in you. As the dream has awakened, you have given us new vision and affirmed our calling to your vision. We have stepped more fully into the freedom of your kingdom. A kingdom you desire for us to bring to others that they too may be set free. As the Bible states in the book of Galatians in chapter 5, verse 1, “It is for freedom that Christ has set you free.”

We were able to help bring this freedom to others by supporting two Compassion children, partnering with Bill Allison and Cadre Ministries, giving to Calvary Churches benevolent ministry, sponsoring students on missions trips throughout the US, Nepal, Ecuador and England, ministering to several hundred students, parents, and leaders through our ministry at Calvary Church, and personally discipling many people in faith, life, and ministry.

In this journey, you gave Ron the opportunity to baptize Bryant Nix, empower 55 small group leaders to pastoral ministry, and disciple multiple students and adults while enjoying the adventure of your playground in rock climbing, mountain biking, and skiing.

We have seen Karena grow in her love for dancing which as her skill grows is becoming more a reflection of the beauty and grace that you have given her to offer others. We have also seen you grow her compassion for people in need and ask that you fulfill her desires to give food to the poor, clothes to children without clothes, and to build homes for people that don’t have a home. Use the vision you have given us to to fulfill the desires you have given her while growing her passion to see people restored in life and relationships.

We have seen Ryan’s sensitive heart grow in his obedience to us and to you. Continue to reveal his life passions that we may appropriately parent him in the way he should go.

We are in awe of Noell’s energy and passion for life and adventure. A young girl who takes risks and seems to live fearless. In this next year, give us wisdom in focusing this energy to obedience and a love for God and others.

In all of this, you have deepened Stefani’s relationships, freed her from her job, and expanded her expertise as a mother, wife, lover, friend, teacher, nurse, counselor, financial manager, and parent.

Together, we have grown in our love for each other and you while sharing greater spiritual and emotional intimacy through conversation, physical activity, and spiritual discipline. Together, we are grateful for the family you have given us (Parents, brothers, sisters and their children). We recognize that the relationships we share with them are a reflection of heaven on earth. The reflection of the life you have designed us for where relationships are healthy, grace is extended, support is offered, and acceptance is granted regardless of our strengths or areas of needed growth and maturity. We are humbled by our families financial support, prayerful partnership, and wise counsel as we venture in a new journey of faith. We are also humbled by the many friends and acquaintances who have partnered with us in the vision God has called us to us to. As my pre-Christian neighbor said, “You live in a Utopian community”. This is true, it is community of real believers who long to live Jesus’ mission here on earth by meeting the needs of others in tangible ways while sharing with them the hope of life that Jesus offers for today and eternity – the presence of heaven on earth.

Your children,

Ron, Stefani, Karena, Ryan, and Noell


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