Being Blessed

Have you ever had one of those moments, when someone blesses you so deeply, that words can’t describe how you feel as as a result of what the person did or said? Today I experienced one of these moments, but instead of trying to share how I feel. I’ll tell you the story, perhaps you will feel a little of the blessing too.

Today I received an email from a friend on our prayer team who is well connected and involved in the Catholic Diocese. He wrote this email to the Knights of Columbus with whom he has relationship.

I would like it (the vision God has call us to of starting a faith-based community and new church of irresistible love) to be a Knights of Columbus agenda item that I would support and speak on. My friend Ron, is a neighbor of mine for over 4 years and has been working for one of the largest churches in our area – Cavalry Church on Route 152 and 113 in Souderton, Pa. He and his wife and three children are a ray of sunshine whenever anyone meets them and they share their love for God and his People. I will not be sending Christmas cards this year to anyone and I will make a small contribution to them in the place of cards and Christmas greetings. Any further questions please feel free to call or email me as I totally support Ron, his family and his dream and project.

I was almost in tears as I read his email and witnessed his faith in action on our behalf and for the vision God has called us to in meeting the very real physical, emotional, financial, relational, social, and spiritual needs of people in tangible ways.


One Response

  1. Ron –
    This is amazing, thank you for sharing the kind words. I am sure everyone agrees that you have touched so many people’s lives (including mine). I am glad that God is sending you to help other people, am I positive that you will show God’s love to everyone you meet.
    Good Luck in the months to pass, I know God will be hepling you to achieve his plans for you.
    God Bless,

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