The Church has Left the Building

The following is an except from John Young’s blog. He provides simple, yet profound insight on what the church is to BE. If you have read the vision for the church we are starting then you will understand how my heart resonates with with John’s perspective of the church.

Recently, I saw a group of people eagerly passing out snacks and hot cocoa on an Atlanta street. The group was dressed in a uniform of sorts that read “The Church Has Left the Building.”

Surprisingly, the church name wasn’t on the shirt. No plug. No quotas being met. No guilt being given in the form of “we fed you now come visit us.” That a church would simply want to serve-without any apparent effort to self-promote-is rare, indeed, in our culture today.  

Too often it seems that professing Christians are more busy doing church rather than being the church to our communities. Of course, church is much more than a set of rituals. It isn’t the performance of teachers, or musicians, or the pastor. Church is the life of Jesus on display through His people.

During this holiday season of busy-ness, think about where you will be. In meetings? On the phone? Calling on clients? Planning next year’s budget? Cleaning house? Delivering speeches? Delivering babies? Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, try to think of yourself as part of that great, global reach of Christ’s love to a needy world. Our role is to be a stand-in for Jesus-to proclaim the good news of the gospel and to help make the world a better, less threatening place. Perhaps we need to remember just what it is we are to be busy with-the Lord’s work.

Don’t forget. The church has left the building. The church is you.


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