Church Planting Boot Camp

Way too many people (though I don’t mind) have been asking me about Church Planting Boot Camp with Church Coaching Solutions. So here it is… it was like drinking out of a fire hydrant in regards to the amount of information, but spiritually and emotionally it was inspiring, encouraging, and invigorating. Here are only some of the BiG Ideas, take aways, and next steps I received at Boot Camp:

Stefani and I refined our philosophy of ministry especially as it pertains to core values (thank you Doug for your help with this) and our spiritual formation strategy especially as it involves the reproduction of leaders.

“Prayer is DOING”. This concept rocked my prayer world. Coming out of the weekend we are setting up a couple of vision, partnership, and prayer nights with the people from Calvary Church who are on our prayer team.

Todd Wilson, “God has already set up incredible contacts and released amazing resources. You just have to discover them.” This statement by Todd was very confirming to how we have been praying while being instrumental in changing how we relate.

“Church plants are the planting of God’s Kingdom in the kingdom of the world.” I love this quote of Ed Stetzer. It resonates with my heart and reinforces the concept of God as a sending God.

Chemistry, Character, and Competence are essential in choosing the launch team. It is the chemistry part that really caught my attention. This concept is modifying how I approach potential staff.

During the week, I became even more stoked for our faith-based approach to church planting. As if I wasn’t already. I can’t wait to start piloting this approach!

My evangelistic mindset in church planting was brought the next level through Vince. I appreciated this quote, “The only way to raise your passion for lost people is to hang out with lost people. We find God’s heart for lost people when we hang out with lost people. We aren’t close to God if we aren’t close to the people His heart is close to.” I am continuing to grow in this area and look forward to beginning the many new relationships I have to gain with pre-Christians.

Joe Beam, “Our battle is in the heavenly realm. Don’t get mad at the person – look at what is behind them.” This quote has been very beneficial in some spiritual warfare I am facing.

The whole concept of Limerance opened my eyes to human choices and is helping me extend the balance of prayer, grace, and truth in people being restored to right relationship with God and others after making moronic decisions. It also serves as an intellectual warning to guard my own life.

Coming out the week we determined that we had to put together a brochure that outlines the vision God has given us and the opportunity for others to partner in the vision.

To read the notes I took for each of the 20 sessions – click here.


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  1. Hey Ron,

    It’s so good to hear that God is guiding and leading you. Praise God! Grace and I are in the middle of a church plant in Downtown Los Angeles–“New City Church of Los Angeles.” I am getting hungry to talk to church planters who are in a similar situation. Can I call you and talk shop?

    Kevin Haah

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