Church Planting Boot Camp Notes

A five day intensive church plant training with Church Coaching Solutions – get it all here:

Session 1: Converge with Pat Ferguson

Session 2: A Complete Philosophy of Ministry with Bob Harrington

Session 3: Prayer Team Development with Andy Hudleston

Session 4: Networking, Outreach, and Marketing with Todd Wilson

Session 5: Engaging in God’s Mission with Ed Stetzer

Session 6: Building the Launch Team with Bart Stone

Session 7: Marketing with Bart Stone

Session 8: Next Steps in Faith Based Church Planting – Todd Wilson

Session 9: Evangelistic DNA – Vince Antonucci

Session 10: Church Services for People who do not like going to church – Vince Antonucci

Session 11: Diving into the Chaos – Vince Antonucci

Session 12: Personal Leadership – Joe Beam

Session 13: Becoming a Reproducing Leader – Brian Zehr

Sesion 14: Staffing a New Church – David Crosby

Session 15: Church Planters and Leadership Coaches – Bob Harrington

Session 16: The Discipleship of Money in a New Church – Bob Harrington

Session 17: Finances and Budget – Todd Wilson

Session 18: Seven Keys to Starting a Dynamic Childrens Ministry – Melanie McRay

Session 19: Leadership and Small Groups – Bob Harrington

Session 20: Opening Day – Todd Wilson


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