There isn’t much more the human heart longs for than to be accepted just as it is without being marginalized. To be affirmed in strengths without being condemned for choices. To be loved when fully exposed.

The leadership genius of Jesus is He chooses a group of nobodies from the class of not good enough, who are marginalized as everyday, ordinary men, to be His disciples. Jesus looks past human flaws to see spiritual potential. These men are less than perfect, and they know it, but they have been chosen by Jesus! Imagine their excitement when chosen by Jesus, the perfect Rabbi, to be His disciples.

Even more amazing is after only a few months of relationship building and training, Jesus trusts them enough to give them His authority to cast out demons, heal the sick, and share the good news of the Kingdom (Luke 9:1-6). This is dangerous, but He believes in them. He sees beyond the negative perceptions of men and into their Kingdom potential.

This is what Jesus has done for me. He has loved me just as I am. He has empowered me with the power to heal others and see them restored to the fullness of life as he designed. He has put me in a place of spiritual authority regardless of my flaws. He has believed in me. He has chosen me as His disciple.


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  1. Yes, and He lives and loves in and through you in powerful ways!

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