Life Change

Bryant BaptismMy life changing relationship with Bryant began four years ago when he first came knocking on my door to repair his bicycle. I have been repairing his bicycle ever since which makes me look like a really bad bike mechanic.

I clearly remember the first night he attended our junior high ministry at the invitation of a school friend. When he saw me at this first event, he ran over curious as to why I was there. I told him I was helping to lead the night. This was the beginning of Bryant attending every week and getting involved in an awesome small group.

A few weeks into his attending, we talked about repentance. While driving him home that night, I asked if he understood how repentance works. It was clear that he did not understand “penance” as he called it. After taking it through, he agreed to practice the spiritual discipline of “penance” to discover if it really works. Two weeks later, I followed up, by asking what he was learning by practicing “penance”. His response was classic, “Yeah man, it’s weird!” What’s so weird about it? “It works!” What do you mean? Bryant went on to explain that his relationship with peers, who he has hated for years, where changing. They were becoming friends. As he continued to practice repentance, his relationship with his brother and sister began changing; his relationship with his parents began changing; his grades started going up; he started experiencing less relational drama at school; he was beginning restored to God and others. After a year of practicing repentance and experiencing God’s work in his life, Bryant prayerfully submitted to the leadership of Jesus.

Last night, I was on the verge of tears while baptizing Bryant. What a powerful night and awesome story of God changing this young man’s life.


2 Responses

  1. Ron,

    Thank you for sharing this powerful testimony of God’s grace in the life of this teen. I remember you telling me 4 years ago about repairing his bike. It reminded me of the many times I repaired your bike, and then you learning to repair your own. I guess the next step was you repairing someone else’s bike…and life. Praise God! Wouldn’t it be cool if someday Bryant repairs someone’s bike, and life?

    Love, DAD

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