Our Story in God’s Story

Eight years ago, God spoke clearly to Stefani and me – independently, yet simultaneously. His message, “You are to plant a church.” In the months that followed, a vision for this new church ignited a burning passion in our hearts to meet the emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual needs of people while restoring them relationally to God and others.

In October 2006, we asked God to ignite in us the desire of His heart for the next season of our lives and ministry. My prayer became, “God, call me to a vision that is bigger than me – a vision that You must be present in for it to succeed. Then prevent me from taking ownership of what You have done, so that You truly will receive all the glory.” Within weeks, the call to church planting was rekindled into a passionate fire.

Throughout the next few months, we sought the wisdom of family, friends, and a few strangers to confirm God’s leading into church planting. The feedback unanimously confirmed the desire God placed within us. We also took this time to determine our preferred strategy to planting a church:  network supported; community oriented; multi-staff initiated. 

Wanting one more voice of confirmation, we attended the Church Planting Assessment Center in August 2007. Wow! Stefani and I have never willingly put ourselves through such an intense yet inspiring process. I liken our experience to NBC’s reality TV show: The Apprentice. After four days of interviews, analysis, and observation, we received our final confirmation for leading a new work of God in church planting.

Within weeks, Tom Jones (Stadia East) connected us with a dynamic network of church-planting-churches in the Baltimore/DC region. After a series of great conversations, the network invited us be their next lead church planters in northern Virginia. This invitation was the answer to hundreds of prayers and the culmination of a one year journey of deciphering and pursuing God’s will. We are stoked over this partnership and God’s leading us to plant a church in northern Virginia, that meets the needs of the community, while restoring people to relationship with God and others!

Now is the time for vision to become reality! A new journey of faith has begun!


2 Responses

  1. We are so excited for all that God is doing and will continue to do as you follow His lead in your lives. God bless!

    Bob & Phyllis McIntosh

  2. Way to go buddy! Our prayers are with you and I am “stoked” to see what God is going to do through your lives.


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